The Serafini Story


Michael Serafini, Inc. was incorporated in 1943, however, it's roots in the trucking and material business began much earlier. In the early 1900's, Achile Serafini, father of Michael C. Serafini, owned a coal yard.  He provided coal and other materials, plus transportation, on the East Side of Buffalo.




​​Michael Serafini, Inc.

Michael C. Serafini, born in 1921, purchased one truck and began hauling coal aggregate and fill to local builders and contractors in Buffalo and Cheektowaga.   Customers soon began to request assistance loading and placing the material, which is what lead to the growth of the trucking and equipment services.

In 1961, Michael A. Serafini joined the company and in 1986, so did Mike Jr. and Michelle.  Currently, we own over 100 pieces of rolling stock, off-road and processing equipment.  Through a lot hard work and dedication, Michael Serafini Inc. has been able to proudly serve our community for over 100 years and look forward to continuing that tradition.